Praise for the Book

You have an incredible talent for fully sensual imagery. I saw, heard, smelled and touched your journey. Thank you, thank you for this beautiful and powerfully touching survivor’s journey of hope and forgiveness.
— Valerie Moselle, San Clemente, CA
I loved, loved, loved your memoir. You managed to keep an innocent spirit after all you’d been through. I can relate to a lot of your story. You have given me the courage to face some of the harrowing experiences I’ve gone through.
— Martha Phillips, Ladera Ranch, CA
By experiencing your healing I feel I’ve had a healing of my own – I’m less afraid of my own experiences. You analyzed things with such compassion for everyone. It was seamless reading, I was so engrossed in the book. It was a literary experience – it freely flowed from beginning to end.
— Anonymous, Newport Beach, CA
Very smooth writing. Draws you in from the first page! Flows smoothly from chapter to chapter with just enough backstory to keep the reader’s interest peaked as to what will happen to this little girl next! Enthralling.
— Sue Parker, author of Foul Player, Yorba Linda, CA
An extraordinary memoir that touched my heart on so many levels. It offered me the experience to look back and move forward with forgiveness through God’s grace. Dee Dee shared intimacy in a way that gives me the freedom to express mine. This masterpiece will touch many other hearts.
— Patty Kussner, Mission Viejo, CA